Audi RS e-tron GT New Zealand drive: rate date. It was a rate date with a…

Audi RS e-tron GT New Zealand drive: rate date. It was a rate date with a…

It absolutely was a rate date having a German super model going to the nation for a brief time. Simply 10 minutes in an electrically charged situation that we’d been mutually invited and set-up to. She travelled to NZ for a brief see, it would only be short rendezvous before returning home, kind of like a holiday flings so I knew. Oh, and right here’s where it gets only a little embarrassing: there were three other suitors.

Adequate utilizing the double entendre, even as we just have actually restricted time. Audi’s latest and greatest RS e-tron GT model did certainly go to NZ in May, for some quick days, in left-hand drive guise, to preview the all-electric Grand Tourer. Therefore on a rainy near Bombay, we were greeted by the Tactical Green e-tron GT, among the trees, with an allocation of a 10 minute road drive loop to get familiar morning.

RS is strong in NZ, representing 20 percent of most Audi product sales, locally. And production associated with the e-tron is managed in a carbon basic factory.

Let’s cope with the elephant into the space very very first: specifically the Taycan within the space. The e-tron GT does share parts and underpinnings using the BEV Taycan, such as the battery pack and engine. It’s a slower that is little plus it’s additionally just a little cheaper, perhaps not that the largely academic figures are that bad. Try 0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds (or faster!), an assortment up to 487km, and beginning at $194,500 for the e-tron GT and $273,500 for the RS e-tron GT.

Therefore what’s it want to drive? Amazing! End of tale. Require more? No issue. The top model RS has 440kW/830Nm in boost mode ( more about that soon), so that it’s wickedly fast. With three aboard, and on a damp road, there is no trace of wheelspin as a result of its electric quattro all-wheel drive. Its acceleration is similar to being linked with a horizontal bungy, drawn straight right back and unleashed! You’re pinned in to the chair since the rise of acceleration is relentless through to the right base eases from the loud pedal – no time to get your breathing for handbook changes, no variation in energy surges as turbos come on boost or a motor loses effectiveness at high revs, simply pure acceleration aided by two-speed gearing.

It is additionally eerily peaceful, with tyre and wind roar the (reasonably) principal sound track, underlined by a distinctive noise ‘emitted’ because of the Audi: a variety of Jetsons satisfies distant burbling V8 with a dash of five-cylinder Audi warble. It’s savagely fast at any rate, from standstill or 100km/h (to only 110km/h needless to say), as well as in the world where it is polite to alert people of intended acceleration. Or simply since much enjoyable perhaps not to…

The GT feels like an Audi RS should: flat, poised and eager to change direction… it feels all of its 2347kg, but thanks to the low centre of gravity, carves through corners as opposed to gliding through them through the few wet corners on the road loop. Beyond that, to tell the truth, there isn’t a whole lot of closeness to devote some time and take in the power with this encounter that is brief. It looks great in person, some (apart from David) will say much better than a Taycan, as well as its nose continues to be GT without looking blanked-off EV.

Being fully a GT four-door and four-seat (in convenience), the cabin is familiar Audi, with some tweaks, like the brand brand new touch-sensitive rotary dial for fast volume/audio settings, with a decent stability of tactile buttons and touchscreen menus and configurable shows and tricky bits. It really is an Audi RS, most likely.

My attention has also been drawn to the usability associated with back chair, so my 189cm framework piled to the back to test its suitability;

also it’s remarkably comfortable! I’m around the utmost head height for convenience, but leg and base space is aided significantly because of the scalloped out footwell, enabled by the reduced and battery that is flat. It’s a tiny thing that produces a huge difference to rear space comfort and I’d gladly do Auckland to Wellington through the seat that is back. Though somewhat less joyfully compared to the driver’s seat. The selling point of that beautiful Alcantara controls and mood light is equally enticing. So can be the concealed secrets, like launch control mode that gives the complete helping of up to 475kW/640Nm (from 350kW/630Nm) for 0-100km/h in 2.5 moments.

Needless to say EVs require asking, therefore the Audi offers up probably the most up-to-date technology there, too, with as much as 265kW of data data recovery during stopping (the Outlander PHEV, as an example, provides around 100kW), and rapid charging up to 270kW – equating to around 100km of range added in 5 minutes during the 300kW Bombay Hyper Charger. This can be breathtaking to those into EVs… truthful.

With a slippery Cd of 0.24, less than an R8, and 21-inch wheels befitting of an EV (futuristic yet still beautiful), the RS e-tron GT made a wonderful impression with this very very first date, and also by the full time right-hand drive manufacturing models begin filtering into brand brand New Zealand in August, it’ll be too belated to secure one before Christmas time, using the allocation of around 50 already purchased, with increased to come the following year. a change in paradigm for the RS brand name, united men how to see who likes you on without paying the e-tron GT is a contemporary, fast, luxurious and supremely machine that is capable. A sneak to the future that’s available right now, often the essential lasting, loving memories come from the briefest encounters; till we meet once more.

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